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Digital Infrastructure for Assessing Cost and Quality

A Biomedical Informatics Graduate Seminar presentation

Business Inelligence and Analytics at Intermountain Healthcare - Lee Pierce - 1/24/13

As part of the BMI Seminar Series, Lee Pierce discuses the purpose of an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), Business Intelligence and Analytics

Redesigning Ambulatory Care to Improve Asthma Control in Children (11/14/2013)

A presentation by Flory Nkoy, M.D., M.S., M.P.H., as part of Biomedical Informatics' Graduate Seminar Series.

Elements of An Agile Safety Culture in Health Care

A Biomedical Informatics presentation by Sandi Gulbransen and Frank Drews, Ph.D.

BMI Seminar Series 09/13/2012

Brittany Coats discusses multifaceted approach for investigating pediatric traumatic brain injury