About UUMG

What Is the University of Utah Medical Group (UUMG)?

UUMG is the physician group for University of Utah Health Care. The University of Utah Medical Group consists of more than 1100 physicians in a variety of specialties who deliver outstanding care at the clinics and hospitals across the intermountain region.

Our mission is to:

  • Advocate on behalf of all UUMG members
  • Facilitate and promote the coordination of clinical practices of UUMG members
  • Ensure accessible, quality, patient-oriented healthcare that is market-responsive
  • Collaborate with other components of the health system to further the missions of University of Utah Health Care

As active members of the University of Utah Health Sciences:

  • We provide compassionate care without compromise
  • We educate scientists and health care professionals for the future
  • We engage in research to advance knowledge and well-being

Contact Us

Main Phone: 801-581-4896
Main Fax 801-587-6459
Address: 127 S. 500 E. Suite #660 SLC, UT 84102